Malgrave Moonlight Shoot

A whistle blows. 84 archers start shooting at the targets, 30m away, each one lit by a single lightbulb.

You’re at the Moonlight!

3 dozen arrows at 30m at an 80cm face may seem easy, but when the only light (apart from a little

behind the line) comes from the lights above the targets, then all of a sudden knocking the arrow becomes a challenge, let alone seeing the string to line up properly! This was the first shoot for a number of years when a light was not shot out, despite the fact that re-organising the field layout meant that the shooting line was even darker than previous years. It’ll be lighter next year, honest!

Recent years have seen the biggest entries at the shoot, the size of which is limited by the number of lights which can be run before creating a National Grid crisis.

We hope to see you at the next Moonlight Shoot……………………………..